Boatengs appearances for Milan 21 times, scoring 2 goals.

The sixteenth round of Serie A, AC 3-0 in Milan away victory over Bologna at Boateng, a one-shot performance especially eye-catching.

This season AC Milan on loan from Genoa in the Ibrahimovic and Robinho Boateng, star bright, Garner midfielder of the same eye-catching performance.

Milan news and confirmed that the AC Milan and Genoa cheap nike free run 2 talks have achieved substantial breakthroughs, Boateng has basically established will remain at the San Siro, this is undoubtedly the Rossoneri in the introduction of Cassano and after an invisible heavy pound level extension.

In AC Milan luxury nike free run 3.0 womens frontcourt, Boateng is absolutely the most dull one, but Milan news of Garner praise as the Rossoneri to create a new dynasty pillar.

Boateng nike free run 2 womens has struggled to determine basic will stay at the San Siro, during the winter transfer window nike 5.0 AC Milan is trying to obtain Boateng full ownership, the Rossoneri and Genoa has made breakthrough progress.

This summer, AC Milan get hired Boateng, and after the end of the season has preferential buy right, the middle of the season Garner became the Rossoneris greatest treasure, become the Allegri tactics indispensable piece.

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After Genoa president general Lei Qi Orsi had confirmed that he and Galliani are negotiating Boateng transfers, maybe at the end of 1 he completely belongs to Milan.

nike free run 5.0 womens pink Allegri biggest harvest is placed in the central cheap nike frees position Boateng, successfully activated Garner, after all, Milan on the bench by Ronaldinho and Seedorf two waist.

In Ronaldinho after leaving the ranks, Alegre said Boateng can mint green nike free run 3 completely all black nike free run 2 replace the king Brazil.

Boateng in Qianyao location on continuous Choi, Seedorf nike free run 2 all black and Luo two kings to shame.

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